VegasHero casino plugin updade v1.8.0

VegasHero casino plugin v1.8.0 update

Make your game posts load faster with our latest options released in VegasHero v1.8.0. We introduced multiple new features that can help you boost page load speeds: Enable next generation .WEBP images as thumbnails instead of .JPG – typically 35% smaller file size and better Google PageSpeed scores. Disable auto-loadingRead More

Optimized casino game images – 60% faster loading speed

faster casino game thumbnail images

Faster lobby grid loading speed, smoother rendering of game items. We pushed out a large update for our game image CDN. All JPEG image thumbnails have been replaced with higher compression versions, saving 60%+ data load. A typical 50KB game image asset is now approx 20-25KB only. Clear the cacheRead More

VegasHero plugin updade v1.7.0

Today we released a new version of VegasHero Casino Affiliate Plugin (v1.7.0) which includes a number of speed and compatibility improvements. NEW feature: Flash / HTML5 game management options Flash games are going to be phased out and Chrome will stop supporting it from 2021. We added a way toRead More

Casino WordPress theme update – version 1.9.0 released

Customizability has been an important aspect of our themes but we also tried to keep the options lean and theme functionality minimal so to many features piled up won’t hinder performance. Our Casino Affiliate theme has been extended with many color and configuration options that you will hopefully find useful.Read More

Sportsbook theme update v1.2.0

We admit it has been quite a long time since our last product update… – If It Ain’t Broke, Don’t Fix It, right? So today we released a new and improved version of our sports betting WordPress theme. VegasHero Sports Betting v1.2.0 is faster and more customizable and it’s nowRead More

We now accept Bitcoin (BTC)


From yesterday we made Bitcoin available as a new payment method on our site. Many gambling affiliates get paid in cryptocurrency as more and more adoption can be seen across affiliate programs for Bitcoin and other major crypto coins. There’s noticeable demand for cryptocurrency payments in this industry and weRead More