Use this configurable games grid shortcode to display games in a grid from an individual selection of your choice. You can display games by:

  • games provider
  • casino operator
  • game category
  • game tag
  • or filter to a keyword that the game titles contain

It is a great way to build unique, SEO optimized game pages based around keywords of your choice. Let’s say you want to create a page that is focused only on “Netent video slots games”. You can easily filter to provider=”netent” and keyword=”video slots” to display a relevant selection of games. Add SEO meta info and copy to the page and you have yourself a well constructed page to start ranking in Google.


Display 12 games from provider: betsoft in an alphabetic a-z order of titles:

[vh-grid provider="betsoft" orderby="title" order="ASC" gamesperpage="12"]

Display 20 games from operator: bet365 in an alphabetic a-z order of titles:

[vh-grid operator="bet365" orderby="title" order="ASC" gamesperpage="20"]

Display 12 games from game category: video slots in a reverse alphabetic z-a order:

[vh-grid category="video slots" orderby="title" order="DESC" gamesperpage="12"]

Display 12 games from provider: playtech that contain the keyword blackjack in the title of the game, in an alphabetic a-z order:

[vh-grid provider="playtech" keyword="blackjack" orderby="title" order="ASC" gamesperpage="12"]

Display 16 games per page from provider: playson with pagination enabled, staring with the latest published games first:

[vh-grid provider="playson" orderby="date" order="DESC" gamesperpage="16" pagination="on"]

Display all games from game tag: movie slots in an alphabetic a-z order of titles:

[vh-grid tag="movie slots" orderby="title" order="ASC"]


Shortcode parameter reference:

Attribute Description Value
vh-grid Creates games grid
provider Displays games from a game provider game provider name
operator Displays games from an operator operator name
category Displays games from a game category game category name
tag Displays games from a game tag – you need to enter your own tags. Tags are blank by default after import game tag name
keyword Displays games titles that contain certain keyword (orderby parameter must be set to “title” AND one of provider/operator/category attributes must be present) any keyword string you like
orderby What the posts should be ordered by? (default is “title”) title / name / date / modified / rand
order Ascending or descending order of posts (default is “ASC”) ASC / DESC
gamesperpage Set the number of games to display (by default all matched games displayed) number of posts
pagination Displays / hides pagination under the grid (default is hidden “off”) on / off

If you combine any of the provider/operator/category attributes, the relation between the queries is OR which means all of the games that match the criteria will be displayed.

The keyword attribute only works in combination with at least one of the provider/operator/category attribute.