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Getting into gambling affiliation can be incredibly lucrative and quite fun. But there are some challenges involved. One of them being choosing the host for your affiliate site. It’s the legal side of things that’s making things difficult, and you want to find a way to legitimately run a fast & secure site without worries about the host banning your account.

The problem…
It’s getting more difficult to find a stable host with enough speed to run your gambling niche website on. Many hosts don’t accept gambling related topic on their servers.

We have reviewed three of the best WordPress friendly hosting companies that do NOT prohibit gambling related materials on their servers

As it stands, there are hosts (servers) that will shut down your site without notice if the site is based on gambling. Due to the legal complications from certain countries, these servers simply don’t want to get involved. And there’s not much you can do about it, because they usually have it within the fine print people typically don’t read or understand. Once they pick up on what you’re doing, it’s game over. Forums are rampant with affiliates breaking down and asking advice on what they should do, because Hostgator, Bluehost or Godaddy closed multiple of their sites overnight.

The good news is you have alternative options when choosing gambling friendly hosting, and we’ll be exploring these in this article. We’ll also look at some specific and popular hosts that you should be avoiding.

Quick checklist for choosing a good host

Before getting into the recommendations and warnings, it’s important to know what you’re looking for.

  • First and foremost: the host must accept gambling niche websites!
  • It should offer a high speed performance
  • Must reliable with little or no downtime
  • Up to date security features and support for latest PHP versions
  • Easy management options for WordPress platform
  • Upgrade options (VPS management) when your site scales
  • Good quality, responsive support

Fast and Reliable Gambling Site Host Suggestions

SiteGround – The whole package for WordPress

Siteground-square-logoSiteground is a host known for its incredible performance and support. I could always reach their chat support within 2 mins and the staff is extremely knowledgeable and reactive. Chat support doesn’t dismiss you with the usual BS canned messages like in the case of Godaddy and similar terrible host giants. Siteground have 5 data centers across the globe, multilingual teams and offer hosting services internationally.

It’s an independent company as well, which is rapidly growing and has been around since 2004.

SiteGround features

  • Free SSL config – no need to spend separately on this and it has auto-renew feature
  • Latest PHP version – you site will be lighting fast with PHP 7+
  • Latest CURL & MySQL Version
  • Content Delivery Network – free 1-click CloudFlare account activation directly from cPanel
  • Advanced SuperCacher features and very useful SG Optimizer plugin support
  • Staging environment – super useful for developing new versions of your site

Other great things about SiteGround are that it works seamlessly with WordPress, it provides free SSL via Let’s encrypt, and 1 click cloudflare CDN setup. But more importantly, it actually does what it says it can do. Their TTFB (Time To First Byte) metric is indeed impressive, and because of the data centers around the globe, you are able to give international visitors a fast experience on your gambling niche site.

Visit SiteGround (we recommend the GoGeek plan for $11.95/moBEST choice for a powerful WP setup)

Digital Ocean – Low cost & insanely fast VPS

digital-ocean-logoWith Digital Ocean there are two main benefits that stand out. The first is the freedom you get by using a VPS. You can scale very easily, takes a couple of minutes to spin us a droplet and you can choose the amount of memory, storage space and the number of processor cores you want to use for running your site. They provide the best technology, and you can expect to find this general opinion all over the web.

It should be noted that Digital Ocean does not offer managed VPS meaning: there is no cPanel or other “user friendly” control panels with this hosting package. So we recommend this for more experienced server users – a great foundation for your gambling affiliate site. Absolutely unmatched price / performance ratio for a Virtual Private Server. Honestly, Digital Ocean is dirt cheap with its packages, and delivers insane speed experience.

Visit Digital Ocean (use this referral link to get $10 free credit which covers your 1st month using a VPS)

Pro tip: If you want to keep your Digital Ocean secured and optimized with the latest server updates always installed consider using a control panel like ServerPilot. It will add a layer of security and optimizes performance as well as making it easier to add and manage WordPress instances, upgrade PHP versions etc. They also have prompt technical support via email which DigitalOcean does not provide directly. Use this referral link and get $10 free credit in your account to get started.

DreamHost – A low cost, newbie-friendly solution

dreamhost-logo-200x200DreamHost is a hosting services officially recommended by and as you can imagine, it’s probably the most user-friendly choice on the list. With an easy interface and control panel, it doesn’t take long to figure out why overall ratings for the hosting are near perfect. Uptime is excellent and your renewal bill will not break the bank.

Going through their terms and conditions page you can see that they accepts not only gambling niche sites but they are even okay with customers hosting their adult niche websites (within the limits of legal boundaries of course) which shows their flexible approach to giving users the liberty to host a broad range of content topics on their severs which is a benefit by itself.

The entry level packages are already very fast speed and the prices are great. For a little bit of an upgrade fee, it also offers Linux-based tier VPS packages that are bound to work with your ideas for the site.

Visit DreamHost (with DreamPress plan for $16.95/mo you also get Jetpack Premium included (normally $99/yr) with awesome VaultPress backup)

Hosts to Avoid


Hostgator has got a big list of unacceptable content topics and gambling is one of them. Like mentioned earlier, these guys don’t ask questions when they find you breaking the rules. They are used to be quick to ban accounts if non-compliant content was found.

Update on Hostgator (2019 March) – apparently now they accept gambling affiliate content (we checked with their support staff too) but I would still be careful with this host as I seen suspended webmaster account here recently.


Bluehost is a good general purpose host but it is also another popular server provider that prohibits gambling outright. You could try and stay under the radar, but you’ll always be at risk of getting banned. We found it cheap but the shared hosting package is just unreliable – you get what you pay for.


This is by far the most dangerous hosts of them all, and Godaddy pays close attention to the sites they are hosting. The moment they get suspicious it’s game over, literally. And if you didn’t have an off-site backup your site is gone – they won’t do second chances or be patient and give you a couple of days to move to another alternate host. Godaddy just pulls the plug if you broke the rules.

The List is Growing

While online gambling keeps on getting more popular, there are certain entities that work against it for natural reasons. But the negativity surrounding gambling increases the difficulty of finding a quality and stable host, because the list of servers blocking gambling niche sites is still growing.

Just like PayPal tightened their grip around what their clients are receiving money for, servers followed the trend.

But luckily there’s another list you can look at without the fear of waking up to a non-existent site. Because all three of the recommended gambling niche hosts are equipped and able to handle your sites.

Just have to choose the right one for you…


The best choice for each skill level

For example,

  1. You should go with SiteGround if you want incredible speed, advanced WordPress features and probably some of the best support.
  2. If you want more options at advanced technical levels and you are a server command line guru, Digital Ocean is the natural choice, plus it’s very cheap.
  3. Dreamhost or Hostgator is the perfect choice for beginner affiliates, just starting to figure things out.

Pay Attention!

We’re going to leave you with a last bit of advice, namely paying attention when you choose a host. Thoroughly go through their terms and conditions, and if you don’t find anything there, contact them. Don’t launch your site on a host you don’t know for sure allows gambling niche sites.

If you have a favorite host, or additional experiences to share, be sure to leave comments on these posts too!

Disclaimer: This page contains referral affiliate links that may result in us receiving a commission if you choose to signup with some of these hosting services. If you found valuable information in this article, we appreciate if you used our link.

2 Responses to “Best Hosting Companies That Allow Gambling Content Websites”

  1. SiteGround does not allow betting/gambling sites. From their support: It will be fine to host the site here if its with betting tips and advise only. But if you mean a site that directly allows for betting through the site itself – we won’t be able to host such a site.

  2. Hi Dorde, yes that’s right – Real money gambling sites are not allowed BUT here at we are primarily talking about hosting for gambling affiliate sites which consist of gambling related content and demo (free-to-play) slots / casino games at best – this is 100% ALLOWED and compliant with Siteground hosting.

    There’s no real money wagering involved on the sites our customers are building with the VegasHero affiliate plugins and themes. Games are free-to-play demo versions, there’s no depositing, real betting activity on the affiliate websites so that’s fully compliant with the terms of use of Siteground.

    Gambling content / gambling affiliate sites are 100% accepted by SiteGround. We talked to chat and sales support numerous times to confirmed this with their staff. Dozens of our clients and ourselves host multiple sites with this company for a good while without no issues and they truly have excellent support. See a recent conversation with one of their sales staff confirming the compatibility
    siteground gambling content allowed

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