You can easily add your own casino affiliate offers on game pages via creating a table with the Vegas Hero table shortcode.

Here is an example of a table you can create with the table shortcode:

Where to Play?BonusCompatible Devices 
Play Now
Sign Up

Above example is produced by the following shortcode:
[vh_table vh_tname="Where to Play?" vh_bonushead="Bonus" vh_devicehead="Compatible Devices"] [vh_table_line vh_img="" vh_bonus="£300" vh_pc="1" vh_tablet="1" vh_mobile="1" vh_link="#" vh_btnlabel="Play Now"] [vh_table_line vh_img="" vh_bonus="£200" vh_pc="1" vh_tablet="" vh_mobile="1" vh_link="#" vh_btnlabel="Register"] [vh_table_line vh_img="" vh_bonus="£100" vh_pc="1" vh_tablet="" vh_mobile="1" vh_link="#" vh_btnlabel="Sign Up"] [/vh_table]

To add your own affiliate tracking links using the above code example you need to replace the # bit in the parameter vh_link=”#” for each casino you promote.

Where do I add this?

  1. Go to Appearance > Widgets
  2. Open the Widget area labeled Single Game Widget Area
  3. Paste your custom shortcode into the Content area
  4. Click Save



Shortcode parameter reference:

Attribute Description Value
vh_table Creates offer table none
vh_tname Displays the table name Any text you like
vh_bonushead Displays the Bonus column title Any text you like
vh_devicehead Displays the Device compatibility column title Any text you like
vh_table_line Creates a new table row none
vh_img Displays a casino/offer image Any image URL path (recommended img size for perfect display: 180×90 pixels )
vh_bonus Displays casino/offer bonus amount Any text you like
vh_pc Displays Desktop device icon under the “Compatible Devices” column 1
vh_tablet Displays Tablet device icon under the “Compatible Devices” column 1
vh_mobile Displays Mobile device icon under the “Compatible Devices” column 1
vh_link Your affiliate URL that will be added as a link for the casino/offer image and the button URL path
vh_btnlabel You can customize the button label by entering any text here Any text you like
vh_target If set to “new” the thumbnail and CTA button links will open in a new window new

You can use the table in any area of your website, the shortcode is compatible with:

  1. posts (including Vegas Hero custom post type)
  2. pages
  3. widgets

We recommend that you add the shortcode to the “Single Game Widget Area” to display your customized table underneath each casino game.