On this page, you can find information about common issues related to license key activation, game import and plugin updates and how to handle them.

When activating the license key you get –
“License status unknown” or Invalid license status error

This can happen for multiple reasons:

1. Your license activated for a subdomain or subfolder instead of your whole domain. If the WP instance sits in a subfolder or subdomain it may happen that your key fails to activate – please head onto the My Account section of our website, login and change your URL assigned to your license key under the “Manage sites” option.
For example, change the URL:
from http://blog.yourdomain.com or http://yourdomain.com/blog/
to http://yourdomain.com

2. Another reason can be that you are entering the wrong license key. This often happens in case you purchased multiple products in a bundle (themes + plugin).
When you buy a bundle package you get multiple license keys – use the one listed next to each individual product. Ignore the top one in your purchase receipt email, the main bundle license key is for administration purposes only (renewals etc).

– Plugin license keys must be entered into: VegasHero / License & support admin menu
– Theme license keys must be entered into: Appearance / Theme License admin menu

3. Hosting server issues and closed staging environments

If you are working on a closed staging or dev environment, it can happen that the license key will not activate. To import games on such servers please make the WP instance public temporarily. Remove any maintenance holding pages (these normally set 500 response for your site that will fail the validation).

Some hosts may block remote server calls that are required for the license validation and/or the import process. The import also requires WP REST API endpoints and admin ajax to work as standard WP core functions. Check with your host if these are enabled properly.

You cannot see the provider list on the import page and this error is shown “Unable to fetch a list of operators. Please try again by refreshing your page.” and/or the license key is not saved in the field when trying to activate
It’s likely that your host’s server configuration is missing or disabled the parse_ini_file() PHP function which is essential for our plugin. Please contact your host’s support to enable this PHP function.

You may also see an error due to one of the 3 above reasons while attempting to update to a new plugin version:
“An error occurred while updating VegasHero Casino Affiliate Plugin: Download failed. Unauthorized”
“Update Failed: Download failed. Unauthorized”
This error is also related to license key activation issues and going through the 3 above points should resolve the error.

When importing you get this error –
“Error parsing response. Please ensure pretty permalinks are enabled and WP_DEBUG=false in your wp-config.php file”

This error normally occurs if your WP Settings / Permalinks are still set to default ?p=123 format which will not work with our plugin. You must enable pretty permalinks – we recommend the “Post name” /%postname%/ structure for best search engine results. Minimum recommended php version for the plugin to work is php 5.6 but we recommend at least php 7 if your host supports it for better performance and security.

You may also get this error when some unwanted strings gets into the fetched import data. This is often caused by WP_DEBUG being enabled on your site, please make sure you disable this. Another occurrence is when a different plugin generates php or server errors and this gets into the import data – you can try deactivating each plugin one-by-one, attempting the import and narrow down which plugin is creating the conflict.

If you are still having issues with the import it is also generally a good idea to disable any firewall and/or caching plugins temporarily while you import the games. Some of the settings of these plugins can lock down your WordPress too hard which can prevent the import functioning. If you tried all the above and you are still having issues contact us.