We have released a new version to the VegasHero Theme (v.1.3.0). The latest version now includes the capability to translate the theme to any language you like.

We have also added a child theme in this release to make customization easier for you.

Instructions to create a custom translation

  1. Find the vegashero-theme.pot file in folder /wp-content/themes/vegashero-theme/assets/translation/
  2. Open PO Edit application
  3. Create your translation File / New… then pick your language then select “Update from POT” and select vegashero-theme.pot
  4. Save your .PO language file to your CHILD THEME folder /wp-content/vegashero-child-theme/languages/
    use your official country / language code to name the translation file (like ru_RU.po) See all country codes here for reference.
  5. Do your translation work in PO Edit
  6. When you are done generate your .MO file via File / Compile to .MO
    and save it to the same Child theme folder /wp-content/vegashero-child-theme/languages/
  7. To finish up, go to WP admin Settings / General / Site Language and set it to your language.

We recommend you to use a child theme and add all your translation files in the /languages/ folder so your customization work never gets overwritten in case we add some translations to the parent theme ourselves by default.

Easy alternate method to translate just a couple of strings

If you just want to translate a couple of text strings you can use this free plugin
“Say what?”
You can replace any theme text bits and it’s very easy to use. Use the text domain “vegashero-theme” in the plugin options – see example.