1. “Game CTA button text” – enter a label for your main affiliate link button
  2. “Button + Dropdown (Tablepress) mini table – Large button with a dropdown mini-table to display multiple affiliate links
  3. “Global Affiliate button link” – single CTA button to display just one affiliate link
  4. “Global Affiliate button link” – if you choose to have 1 global affiliate link, enter it here
  5. “TablePress table title” – (this only shows on the bottom of the post if you choose the “Button + Dropdown (Tablepress) mini table” option)
  6. “TablePress shortcode” – Displays below the games and on the right-hand side in the Mini dropdown table (if enabled). Configure must configure a TablePress table, see instructions here.
  7. “Game excerpt section title” – Displays a short custom post excerpt in the right sidebar (shows only if the game post excerpt is populated)