Option 1: In-plugin Advertising

We offer iGaming affiliate program owners advertising space within the VegasHero plugin backend. Affiliates who install the plugin will see your offers appearing on their website admin screens.

For $99.00/month you can add your iGaming brands and affiliate programs inside the plugin settings pages: 

  • Add your brands under the games import options page and add it to the “Import by Operator” list.
  • There are 2 banner ad slots available in 728×90 size on admin screen. The banners are rotated.
  • We can add your brand to a list of recommended casinos.

Display your banner on the top of the plugins configuration pages that users often visit


Get listed in our Recommended casino list and be included in the “Import by Operator” options page


Option 2: Newsletter Sponsorship – Reach out to Affiliates

Finding great affiliates is not an easy task. VegasHero can help you to reach out to a laser targeted list of iGaming affiliate site owners.

For $200 you can sponsor one of our newsletters:

  • reach over 200+ forward thinking iGaming affiliates
  • get recommended by a trusted WordPress software provider
  • your affiliate program delivered into webmaster inboxes

Affiliates who download the VegasHero plugin use WordPress and want to scale their website quickly and efficiently. We send out useful tips, game release news and free resource articles to our customers who we often build close relationships. Your affiliate program / casino product / iGaming brand will be shown in an email newsletter sent to webmasters.

Newsletter ad placement example


Please note that both advertising options are subject to our approval.