Version 1.4.4- 21.11.2016

  • new feature: ‘VegasHero Games’ text (shown in theme breadcrumbs) can be changed via options panel
  • new feature: ‘Play Now’ button text (shows on game thumbnails) can be changed via options panel
  • fixed: Games Widget didn’t take game count value entered more than 5
  • fixed: Sort lobby games by option ‘Last modified date’ wasn’t working properly
  • fixed: Betsoft mobile games failed to import in some cases
  • improvement: added fallback thumbnail in case of missing game img (404)

Version 1.4.3- 27.10.2016

  • new feature: added tag attribute to games grid shortcode – you can now create new games goruping via tags too (not shown in lobby filters)
  • new feature: lobby filter text can be changed via options panel
  • fixed: changed all http URL references to https
  • fixed: some themes had 404 for games tags, added tag template support to vegashero_games custom post type
  • fixed: lobby shortcode ignored text places above the shortcode
  • fixed: lobby thumbnail incorrectly used game post titles instead of game_title custom field causing image paths to break if post title was updated by user
  • removed legacy casino table (pre-1.3.0 version)
  • table shortcode improvements (now all text elements can be customized including table headers)
  • improved https (SSL) support

Version 1.4.2- 23.05.2016

  • new feature: added configurable games grid shortcode. You can now create games pages based on a selection of games from each providers, operator or game category. Great for SEO.

Version 1.4.1 – 22.04.2016

  • fixed admin CSS alignment issues after WP 4.5 update
  • fixed pagination issues on taxonomy archives pages
  • fixed game count so it’s now not taking draft posts into account
  • fixed dropdown menu items in some themes showing hidden behind lobby game thumbnails
  • fixed EDD addon compatibility issues
  • improved admin support and resource links
  • removed 8 Affiliate Edge brands from operators import (rarely used), added Energy Casino as new operator

Version 1.4 – 01.04.2016 – BIG UPDATE

  • revamped game import options – you can now import by providers and/or operators
  • new feature: added VegasHero Games widget to display games in your sidebar
  • new feature: lobby default game sorting options
  • new feature: lobby game count setting
  • new feature: custom permalink options for better URL compatibility and language support
  • new feature: add your own games
  • new feature: option to edit/customize your iframe source per game
  • new feature: option to change/customize game thumbnail image
  • automatic update capability – now you can update to future version from your plugins page
  • added display of game count per provider/operator
  • added license key and support link section
  • removed old affiliate link input from import by operator page, affiliate link can be managed by table shotcode only
  • fixed pagination bug
  • improved CSS for better theme compatibility
  • numerous code improvements and bug fixes
  • fixed play n go game alignment issues

Version 1.3.1 – 22.01.2015

  • fixed compatibility with php 5.3 version
  • improved lobby responsiveness
  • improved theme compatibility

Version 1.3.0 – 25.08.2015

  • new feature: ajax lobby with filtering options
  • new feature: casino/bonus offer table shortcodes
  • new feature: added widget area under games
  • new feature: backend game taxonomy filters
  • fixed compatibility issues with php 5.4 version
  • fixed errors when uninstalling the plugin
  • improved theme compatibility and mobile responsiveness
  • numerous small improvements and bug fixes

Version 1.2.0 – 07.07.2015

  • added new Betsoft Mobile HTML5 games (33 games)
  • added 10 new operator options: William Hill, InterCasino, Aladdin’s Gold, All star slots, Buzzluck, ClubSA, Clubworld, Highnoon, Lucky Red, Manhattan slots

Version 1.1.0 – 03.07.2015

  • added new provider RTG (RealTimeGaming) (+ 74 games)
  • added 3 new operator options:, Bet365,

Version 1.0.0 (or also known as 0.0.0) – 28.06.2015

  • Initial release