1. You need to download LayerSlider-demo-import.zip and import the file to LayerSlider WP / Import Sliderslayerslider-step1
  2. Then you go to Appearance / Theme Options / Banner Settings / Add your LayerSlider Shortcode and add the shortcode of the slider
    [layerslider id="1"]

    and save it.

    Please note: In the VegasHero Sports Betting theme this option can be found in Appearance / Customizer / HomePage Settings
    layerslider-step2If you setup other LayerSlider templates or you imported the demo template multiple times the slider ID might be different. In this case just change the id=”1″ part of the shortcode accordingly.

Note about LayerSlider activation notification:

We bundle a copy of LayerSlider (we have a distribution license) with the theme and the notification simply tells you that there’s a new version available. The slider is fully functional as is without activation. We will be updating the slider version time-to-time when there’s a major feature released. You are not obligated to buy a license key but in case you want every update immediately you can buy a license key from the plugin author but it’s not obligatory. Or you can simply ignore the request for the Layerslider activation code until we do the next release.