You can configure any page as your “main” bookmakers index page that lists all the bookmaker cards in a paginated grid. You need to set the page template of that page to “Bookmakers page template”.


“Number of Review cards” – Set how many cards are displayed at once, if you have more bookmaker posts than the number entered, pagination will display on the bottom.

“Display Bookmaker posts on top” – if ticked the bookmaker cards will show on top, otherwise the page copy will come first

“Bookmaker card button text” – label for the bookmaker card buttons

“Override the Bookmaker post button with your affiliate link” – if ticked, Bookmaker card button will link directly the promoted affiliate casino in a new window. You can set a mix of post links and affiliate links

“Show Review link on card” – if ticked, an additional review link under button will display that links to bookmaker post

“Link text for Review link on card” – label for the link mentioned above

“Bookmaker Custom Post Type URL slug” – you can set the path for the Bookmaker post URLs here. Example This CANNOT be the same as your main Bookmakers index page URL!