Here is the step by step instructions to get up and running:

    1. Upload the plugin
    2. Activate the plugin
    3. Click the “VegasHero” tab on the left (shown below in red)activate-VegasHero-plugin
    4. Next, if you purchased a license key enter it in the License field. This will enable to import all the games we have in our database.vegashero-plugin-license-code
    5. Click on “Import by Provider” and pick software providers to fetch games from.  Import from 1 provider at a time as you require. If you want to grab all games just hit import on all one-by-one allowing a little bit of time between clicking the individual imports as the import process may take up to a minute depending on the number of games being imported and the speed of your hosting / server setup.VegasHero-games-import-by-provider
    6. Once you’ve finished importing the games they will be listed under the VegasHero Games admin menu (marked cyan blue)
    7. To create a lobby simply add below shortcode to a WordPress page


  • You can add your casino affiliate links and tracking codes under the games using our casino table shortcodeRead further instructions here.
  • That’s it! Enjoy!


If you are having game import or license key activation issues read this troubleshooting article.