We admit it has been quite a long time since our last product update…

– If It Ain’t Broke, Don’t Fix It, right?

So today we released a new and improved version of our sports betting WordPress theme.

VegasHero Sports Betting v1.2.0 is faster and more customizable and it’s now fully compatible with the latest WordPress (5.4+) Gutenberg core blocks.

We squashed some bugs and added dozens of new color and customization options so you can make your site more unique.

Performance was also a big priority so we looked under the hood and optimized assets and loading speed to score 90%+ on GTMetrix.

Just to highlight a couple of these changes:

  • speed optimization with minified js and css assets, improved markup
  • new customization options for post meta, footer elements
  • individual single game template for better performance and customizability
  • follow up on google structured data format changes
  • new color options for site wrapper, tables and many other elements
  • new full width content output area for homepage template

(see full list of updates in the changelog)

If you’re upgrading from a previous theme version, it’s always a good idea to backup of your database and files prior to updating.