Sportsbook theme update v1.2.0

We admit it has been quite a long time since our last product update… – If It Ain’t Broke, Don’t Fix It, right? So today we released a new and improved version of our sports betting WordPress theme. VegasHero Sports Betting v1.2.0 is faster and more customizable and it’s nowRead More

Sports Theme: Homepage featured area options

Option 1: “Enable Featured Post Grid” (default) Tick the box to make the last 3 posts or your posts marked as “sticky” appear here in a 1+2 large thumbnail grid. Option 2: “Enable LayerSlider” Tick the box and add your LayerSlider shortcode in the input field. Find more instructions aboutRead More

Sports Theme: Customizer Global Settings

“Enable / Disable Top Games Nav” – Toggle the top right burger icon that shows the Top Games Nav “Add Games Grid shortcode” – Enter the games grid shortcode to specify what games are shown in the Top Games Nav. To see games grid shortcode options click here. “Show /Read More

Sports Theme: Homepage news posts & bookmaker carousel options

News posts section options “Title for posts section” – set the title on the top of the news posts section “Homepage width setup” – you can select the main content column width to be either 50% or 80% (default) “Archive page title text” – this will be displayed on theRead More

Sports Theme: Game Post Settings

“Game CTA button text” – enter a label for your main affiliate link button “Button + Dropdown (Tablepress) mini table“ – Large button with a dropdown mini-table to display multiple affiliate links “Global Affiliate button link” – single CTA button to display just one affiliate link “Global Affiliate button link”Read More

Sports Theme: Bookmakers (main) Page Settings

You can configure any page as your “main” bookmakers index page that lists all the bookmaker cards in a paginated grid. You need to set the page template of that page to “Bookmakers page template”. “Number of Review cards” – Set how many cards are displayed at once, if youRead More

Sports Theme: Bookmaker Post Settings

“Bookmaker CTA button text” – Set the label of your affiliate link button “Open Bookmaker affiliate link in new window” – Makes the Visit bookmaker CTA button, thumbnail and the link on the top of the review panel open in new window