casino wordpress theme

When you look at the successful casino WordPress themes, you’ll notice they have several things in common. Apart from letting you play the latest and most popular online gambling games, there are other things that tie them together. A quick example would be their initial “spectacular” home page, followed by a very comfortable playing atmosphere. The same can be said for an affiliate gambling theme, although there’s a difference in approach.

Your main objective is to minimize bounce rate and increase conversions, using the best casino website builder software available

You are the person who wants to help people find good online casinos, where they can enjoy an array of games. You do this by offering a site where they can try the games for free, in addition to finding reviews and other information regarding the online gambling world. The more people you get to join these casinos the more money you stand to make. It’s as simple as that…but it isn’t.

That’s why you are reading this, and it’s also why we’ll take a deeper look into what makes a great WordPress affiliate theme. Or more specifically, what should the theme offer you in terms of gaining user trust?

Some Perspective on what to look for in a Casino Affiliate WordPress Theme

Before getting into the nitty-gritty details, it’s important to establish another difference. There are several great free casino WordPress themes you can choose to work with, and nothing is stopping you from making it a success. But it’s going to be a lot tougher going down the FREE road.

Premium WordPress casino themes offer more custom tweaks. In other words, they are made specifically with affiliates in mind. Everything about the theme will be focused towards helping you gain good rankings, reducing the bounce rate and building trust among users. Also take into consideration several free themes don’t always work with necessary plugins.

Take for example a premium theme like VegasHero, which can be used to great success on its own, or you can add more power with the special VegasHero affiliate plugin. It makes organizing games so much easier and finding the best ones even quicker.

Smooth Functionality from All Sides with a proper Gambling Theme

This is a basic foundation for any site and should always be at the forefront in terms of choosing a good WordPress affiliate theme. It shouldn’t require a rocket scientist to figure out how to get the best out of the theme. Instead, you want everything to be easy to navigate and comprehend. At the same time you want options to create the site you have in mind.

From the user’s perspective, they want to click and see results. If the pages take too long to load, they can’t find the right tabs, or there are simply too many distractions, you can’t really call the site functional. And you can bet you won’t be getting any conversions.

VegasHero - Best casino WordPress theme design in 2017
VegasHero – One of the best casino WordPress theme designs in 2017

The WordPress Affiliate Theme Design Appeals to Players

The design plays a crucial part in how much users are going to enjoy their time. For the most part you want a clean and practical design that doesn’t look dated. Try to go for a casino theme WordPress that allows users to quickly get to the pages they want to be. Also, choose a site that distinctly divides your sections. The moment a user gets frustrated they leave, so you want them to know what’s going on from the first page.

A proper Casino WordPress Theme that offers high quality responsive layout

This is another one of those basic foundations all sites should have, because the mobile traffic market keeps growing. The number of mobile online casino players has already exceeded those using PCs, which means you want the site to look good for all platforms. If you only focus on one side you are losing out on a lot of business.

But also, the site shouldn’t just be responsive. It’s easy for theme authors to say it is mobile responsive, but do they get into how well it responds? The site needs to be appealing on tablets and smartphones, in addition to looking great on PC.

It makes it Easy for the Affiliate

All affiliates can agree that making money is the main point of the day. It’s not about changing lives or making a difference, it’s about generating an extra income. In some cases it can become a main income if you take it seriously enough.

With the right theme, specifically created for online gambling affiliates, you should expect the site to make things easy for you. It should either be done with built-in capabilities, or with additional plug-ins.

In other words, the casino WordPress theme should make it easy for you to:

  • Find the latest and best games
  • Import these games
  • Display them in a very convenient way
  • Save you loads of time updating games

Great Customer Support

If it happens that you’re not getting the theme to function properly, or you are running into glitches, it’s good to know there is a helpful customer support service waiting. Always pay attention to what other users are saying about the service they get, because it could be you.

Some Final Thoughts

Everything is up to you. Being a successful affiliate is very possible if you put in the time. The only problem is you may not have all this time on your hands, but you need to start somewhere. Let your first step be the right one, and choose a casino affiliate WordPress theme that was made for this sole purpose. You can either go it the smart way or the tough way, you choose.