Update 2020: In the last 1-2 years we have been using carefully selected writers from Fiverr. It can be challenging to find good gig providers on Fiverr, the ratio of sorting through poor quality gigs is normally 20/1 – perhaps less. Over time you can find excellent value and quality writers though.

Introduction to iWriter

Webmasters in search of quality content shouldn’t have any problems finding sites that offer content creation services. Also known as content mills, the competition between pricing and turnaround time can make it hard to choose a site that suites your needs perfectly. One site in particular that is very popular among webmasters is iWriter, and with good reason. Thanks to the flexible rates, the amount of options you have and the speed of getting it all done, iWriter should be at the top of your list for finding quality content.

Before we start comparing iWriter with other sites that offer the same type of service, here’s a look at how iWriter works and what you can expect.


The registration process is very quick and straightforward. With minimal details you can set up your profile, make a deposit and from there you go to the “Get Content” tab. Can it really be this simple? Yes, it’s that simple.

How iWriter Works

iWriter is divided between four different price levels. Each level represents a different quality in terms of writing. Using a 500 word article as an example, you’ll be paying:

  • $3 for basic
  • $5.50 for premium
  • $10 for elite
  • $35 for super plus

As you can imagine there is a very big difference between the basic and the super plus level. As writers start out on iWriter it’s always on the basic level. Depending on the ratings they receive they will level-up. For a writer to reach the super plus level they need an average of 4.85 out of 5 stars after a minimum of 30 ratings, which means they provide the best possible content you can find.

The great thing is the amount of options you have depending on the quality you need. For example, a basic SEO project can be given to the Basic and Premium level writers. More in-depth articles focused on SEO and reader quality should be handed off to the Elite and Super Plus writers.

When you put out a request it will fall into the pool where the first writer that grabs it gets to write it. But this doesn’t mean you have to accept it. After the article has been written you’ll be notified through email that it is finished and you need to review it. You get three days to review the article, otherwise it will auto-approve and the money will be deducted from your account. If perhaps you aren’t satisfied with the article you can send it back to the same writer for revisions, or you can reject it and let it fall back into the pool.

iWriter allows open communication between the writer and the requester, so if you need to discuss details that haven’t been included in your instructions, or the writer wants information of some kind, it’s easy to discuss it through private messages. You can also tag writers as favorites if you like their work and you want to use them in the future. You are also at liberty to tip the writer if you feel they’ve exceeded your expectations.

iWriter caters to just about every content related need you can think of. Whether it’s an ebook, press release, blog post, or just a basic article, you’ll find it there. You can pretty much request copywriting for all niches and we have been very successful managing our gambling site content requirements from writers sourced via iWriter.

Getting the Best Content

Apart from choosing the appropriate level of writers, you can help to ensure quality by giving specific instructions. You’ll notice that when you put in a project there is more than enough space to add the keywords, the nature of the topic, and the specific way the article should be written. If your instructions are clear and precise from the start you shouldn’t have any problems getting what you are looking for.

Is there a limit in terms of topics you can request on iWriter? Definitely not. You can put out a request on anything from slot machine reviews to a short non-fiction eBook.

iWriter Compared to other Content Creation Sites

For the most part other content creation sites make use of editors, which usually drive up the price and it also takes a lot more time. Then you get sites like Fiverr where there is no editor, but the low price usually goes hand in hand with bad quality. The simplicity and quick turnaround time you get from iWriter has yet to be matched, in addition to the range of options available to you. More importantly, it’s a very safe platform to work from and you don’t have to worry about losing money.

The Bottom Line

When you start to use iWriter you won’t have to go anywhere else for your content creation needs. Thanks to the endless amount of writers just waiting to take your project and the competition to reach higher levels, you can be sure you’ll be getting what you want quicker than you think.