As an iGaming affiliate you are primarily focused on creating casino or sports-betting player leads that will eventually end up converting to depositing and wagering customers at some point. It’s a pretty basic concept and doesn’t seem like such a hard thing to accomplish. But in reality conversions are becoming increasingly difficult to get. Even the challenge of generating leads is increasing, not to mention building traffic. The point is, you need to make the most of every visitor you get because at this stage the average website is struggling to create conversions.

One of the most effective ways to start getting conversions is to build a mailing list. If you haven’t started building one: start now! Why? Because you must not waste the potential of reaching out to the visitor you  worked so hard getting to enter your website. If you don’t have a way for them to opt-in to some kind of email form (and they wanted) they will bail and you loose them for good. If you got their email, that email list will be your golden goose that you can (hopefully) cash in on over-and-over.

With the necessary contact details from prospective players you will be in a position to target them on a regular basis through emails, newsletters and special bonuses your chosen casino affiliate program is running. But now the questions becomes, how to get this valuable contact information? For me the answer came in the form of OptinMonster. It’s a WordPress plugin that has been around since 2013 and just like the name suggests, it has a monster effect on your site.

OptinMonster allows you create powerful opt-in pages that can be used in a variety of ways. For example, instead of bombarding visitors with annoying pop-ups, you can get the optin page to display as they are leaving. You can even adjust it to appear through a click if you want. The sheer range of capabilities you have with OptinMonster are so creative that you won’t have any problems finding new ways of growing your email list.

To put this into perspective, here are just some of the options you’ll be getting with OptinMonster:

  • The ability to create 100% custom pop-ups
  • OptinMonster can be integrated with several established emailing services
  • The form design can be changed exactly the way you want it
  • It’s responsive to mobile and desktop visitors
  • An extensive range of positions and ways the pop-up can be displayed
  • An impressive collection of themes and designs that can be used as a foundation
  • CSS3 animations can also be added to the opt-in page
  • The use of a shortcode to apply the page wherever you deem necessary
  • A/B testing to see which designs give the best results
  • The interface is incredibly easy to understand and use

Basically, you don’t have any limits as to how you can entice potential players to share their contact information. You might also be glad to know that OptinMonster is now a hosted service, which means you can work from a central location where the user interface is specifically designed to make things even easier. However, if you prefer to work from your WordPress dashboard, that’s fine too.

Using OptinMonster to Improve iGame Conversions

The thing to remember is that potential players aren’t just going to give you their details because you asked for it. First of all, there has to be substance to the site they are visiting. Users will only sign up for mailing lists that will be worth something to them. In light of this, and the fact that you can put any message on your opt-in pages, make sure the site offers something valuable. Whether it’s information about a specific casino, special offers that’s hard to get anywhere else or something they can use to improve their playing experience, make it stand out on the opt-in page.

You have no limits on how you are able to display the page to the visitor, so choose your tactics wisely. Use the A/B split testing and see what type of pop-up is getting the most attention. Is it the full screen page that forces a user to hit the back button if they don’t sign up, or is it the side-widget that does the trick? The pop-up before they leave has been popular for a while now and should definitely form part of your testing. Experiment as much as possible and be creative, because OptinMonster gives you everything you need to grab attention. It all depends on how creative you decide to be.