EGT slots demos available - New game provider!

EGT is our newest addition to our slots demo games database. This iGaming provider has over 20 years of presence and experience in the industry, they focus on providing high quality, classic looking games. Every game developed by EGT includes well thought out mechanics, detailed graphics and engaging bonus features. They’ve become a favourite among players of many European countries. You can instantly access 113 EGT demo games from today through the VegasHero casino plugin and import them to your WordPress site.

Here are the EGT titles included in this release:

1Rainbow Queenvideo slots
2Aloha Partyvideo slots
3Casino Maniavideo slots
4Hot Decovideo slots
5Virtual Roulettetable games
6More Lucky & Wildvideo slots
7Jacks or Better video pokervideo poker
8Versailles Goldvideo slots
9Super 20video slots
10Caramel Hotvideo slots
1127 Winsvideo slots
1220 Dazzling Hotvideo slots
13Crazy Bugs IIvideo slots
14Great Adventurevideo slots
15Retro Stylevideo slots
165 Burning Heartvideo slots
17The Secrets of Londonvideo slots
1840 Super Hotvideo slots
1920 Hot Blastvideo slots
20Amazons Battlevideo slots
21Dragon Hotvideo slots
22Coral Islandvideo slots
23Hot Kenoother games
24Diamond Plus World Cup Editionvideo slots
25Hot & Cashvideo slots
26Brave Catvideo slots
27Rich Worldvideo slots
282 Dragonsvideo slots
295 Juggle Fruitvideo slots
30Lucky & Wildvideo slots
3130 Summer Blissvideo slots
32Action Moneyvideo slots
33Great 27video slots
34Dice Highvideo slots
35Vampire Nightvideo slots
36Inca Gold IIvideo slots
37Cocktail Rushvideo slots
38Mythical Treasurevideo slots
39Jungle Adventurevideo slots
4020 Joker Reelsvideo slots
41Cats Royalvideo slots
4220 Burning Hotvideo slots
43More Dice & Rollvideo slots
44Venecia D’orovideo slots
45Ultimate Hotvideo slots
46Burning Kenoother games
47Rise of Ravideo slots
48Book of Magicvideo slots
49Dragon Rebornvideo slots
50Lucky Woodvideo slots
515 Great Starvideo slots
52The Big Journeyvideo slots
53Frog Storyvideo slots
54The White Wolfvideo slots
554 of a Kind Bonus Pokervideo poker
56Great Empirevideo slots
5740 Burning Hot 6 reelsvideo slots
58Volcano Wealthvideo slots
59Egypt skyvideo slots
60The Story of Alexander IIvideo slots
61100 Burning Hotvideo slots
62Route of Mexicovideo slots
63Gold Dustvideo slots
6440 Almighty Ramses IIvideo slots
6550 Amazons’ Battlevideo slots
6630 Spicy Fruitsvideo slots
67Mayan Spiritvideo slots
68More Like a Diamondvideo slots
69Imperial Warsvideo slots
70Emperor’s Palacevideo slots
7140 Burning Hotvideo slots
72Royal Secretsvideo slots
73Burning Hot 6 Reelsvideo slots
74Fruits Kingdomvideo slots
75Kamakuravideo slots
7620 Golden Coinsvideo slots
77Wonderheartvideo slots
78Genius of Leonardovideo slots
7940 Ultra Respinvideo slots
80100 Catsvideo slots
81Majestic Forestvideo slots
8281 Winsvideo slots
83Secrets of Alchemyvideo slots
84Retro Cabaretvideo slots
85Extremely Hotvideo slots
86Kashmir Goldvideo slots
87Forest Talevideo slots
88Flaming Hotvideo slots
89Zodiac Wheelvideo slots
90Grace of Cleopatravideo slots
91Drops of Watervideo slots
92The Great Egyptvideo slots
93Rainbow Queenvideo slots
94Olympus Gloryvideo slots
95The Explorersvideo slots
96Rainbow Luckvideo slots
97Forest Bandvideo slots
98Fruity Timevideo slots
99Dice & Rollvideo slots
100Magellanvideo slots
101Spanish Passionvideo slots
102Aztec Forestvideo slots
103Fortune Spellsvideo slots
104Game of luckvideo slots
105Candy Palacevideo slots
106Orient Storyvideo slots
107Blue Heartvideo slots
108Superb Kenoother games
109Legendary Romevideo slots
110Shining crownvideo slots
11110 Burning Heartvideo slots
112Mighty Spartavideo slots
113Savanna’s Lifevideo slots