We have made some important upgrades to the VegasHero plugin.

If you have customized game content, titles, descriptions, SEO meta and any VegasHero related settings on your website please read this post carefully and follow the steps before upgrading your plugin to VegasHero version 1.4.

The new VegasHero 1.4 version brings you the following:

  • Better game import functionality (per game provider/developer)
  • New lobby display options
  • Custom permalinks structure settings
  • Game iframe code add/edit feature
  • Game thumbnail upload feature
  • A handy latest games widget
  • Automatic update capability
  • Many other improvements, bug fixes and better compatibility.
  • View the changelog or check the the post about all the new customization settings

In order for you to upgrade without any issues please pay close attention to the following instructions:

Step 1

Download the latest version by logging in to the My Account section http://vegashero.co/my-account/ if you forgot your login details please visit http://vegashero.co/login/ and click “Lost Password?”

Please also have your license key handy which was attached to your payment receipt or can be also accessed under the My Account section. You will need your license key from now on to have full access to import games etc. and have all the features available.

Step 2

Important: To keep your existing games and content DO NOT DELETE your plugin through the WordPress admin interface. This would remove all the games and content added by you.

Delete the old plugin folder via your FTP client from /wp-content/plugins/vegashero/. This will remove the plugin files and deactivates the old version of the plugin but will leave your game content intact in your site’s database.

Step 3

Upload and activate the new VegasHero plugin via WordPress admin interface.
Upload the new plugin files via your FTP client and activate the plugin.

Step 4

Navigate to VegasHero / License & Support page and enter your license key (if you can’t find your license key email us at [email protected] and we will send you a reminder).

Step 5

Go to VegasHero / Lobby settings page and click the save button at least once to refresh the plugin settings in the database.


If you haven’t previously utilized the VegasHero casino table shortcode to display your affiliate links, review this post for instructions.

That should be it, you are done! Double check your lobby/games page to check everything is working correctly, if you have any issues please mail us directly [email protected] and we will be happy to give you a hand with the upgrade.


The VegasHero Team