The trick with a casino site builder is to use it to its greatest effect. In other words, the WordPress theme you choose for the job must be able to utilize valuable plugins. The choices you make leading up to adding the casino lobby demo are going to influence how much time users spend on your site, and ultimately, how many conversions you get.

A casino lobby demo should be a strategical element of your site

Even though you should focus on making every aspect of your site entertaining and engaging, the demo casino slots area is probably the most crucial. This is where users will spend most of their time, and it’s also the place where the most conversions are coming from. For this section to be effective it needs to function on an affiliate plugin made for the occasion. In other words, the games should be easy to navigate, the demos should run smoothly, and the selection should be up to date. But how do you install a slots plugin?

Choosing the right Affiliate Plugins & Themes

If you’re going to add demo casino slots and you don’t want to spend days doing it manually then the VegasHero plugin is the right tool for you. Then you want to display the games elegantly by selecting the right WordPress Casino Affiliate Theme from the start. It should be easy to work with and should support the plugin seamlessly that ultimately makes the magic happen faster. The theme and the plugin form a powerful combination that takes away a lot of the grunt work you’d typically have to do yourself.

Adding the Casino Lobby Demo

It’s incredibly easy adding the lobby demo, and with smart plugins like the one from VegasHero, it only takes one click to install. All you have to do is go to your plugin tab, select the Add New and search for the plugin you’re looking for. Once you find the affiliate plugin you click on Install Now, which will automatically unpack all the files. After that all that’s left to do is to activate the plugin.

When the plugin is active you will see an additional tab on the left WordPress task bar. This is where you get to make all the changes and adjust the settings. But for the most part the plugin shouldn’t require too much tweaking, if any tweaking at all.

Referring once again to the Vegas Hero plugin, it runs by itself. The games will update automatically, you can easily add affiliate links using shortcodes, and the casino lobby demo looks incredible. Thanks to the grid list form, the games are easy to switch between and enjoy.

Features of our suggested Casino Affiliate Theme

As mentioned earlier, the VegasHero theme is a premium WordPress theme with amazing capabilities, while giving you full control. It was made with the affiliate in mind, and this includes the plugin.

Some highlights of the VegasHero theme include the quality of the responsive layout. Whether the site is accessed through PC, tablet or smartphone, the quality will always feel the same. There are built-in templates to work with and the intuitive grid layout makes it a winner regarding easy navigation.

Everything about the theme is aimed towards giving you the edge, and by adding the slots plugin it gets so much more powerful. Now you’ve got the best and latest games circulating in your casino lobby demo.

Consider adding a Casino Game Review Plugin

If you want users to take you seriously, especially when it comes to your reviews on casinos, it’s best to use a professional casino review plugin. They have several different ways that the ratings and reviews can be displayed, making them stand out more and grab extra attention. This is also your opportunity to up-sell your affiliate casino and guide them to the awesome demo slots on your site.