The internet is one of the most lucrative places to make some extra cash. Whether it’s something you want to run on the side, or want to turn it into a full-time job, you’ll need to approach it with the same reality. Introducing the VegasHero gambling WordPress theme, the start towards becoming an entrepreneur. It focuses on online gambling games, one of the most popular affiliate markets out there. Every day millions of people look for sites to play online gambling games, and casinos want to use affiliates to bring in the clients.

Use a gambling WordPress theme that helps to get conversions

As far as a slots game theme is concerned, this WordPress iGaming theme is flexible, clean, and gives you incredible functionality. The best part is that it’s made easier thanks to a brilliant WordPress casino plugin. With the VegasHero plugin you’ll have all access to all the necessary games, quickly and without any hassles.

Highlights and Features:

Before getting into the features that make this gambling WordPress theme so great, it’s good to know what you’re looking for. By looking at the market, you want smooth gameplay, a clean design with quick navigation, and as little distraction as possible. You’ll find all this and more with the VegasHero WordPress gambling theme.

Custom Templates WordPress iGaming Theme

One of the first things you want to look for in a casino template WordPress based, is your template options. In this case the template should display the games in the best possible manner. Which is why the VegasHero WordPress gambling theme is so brilliant, because they feature custom templates specifically for optimal slots game theme displays. Users are going to have a good time spending time on the site.

Responsive and Marketing Friendly Casino Template WordPress

When you build casino affiliate website with WordPress, it’s crucial that the site is responsive to all platforms, especially for mobile devices. It’s the device of choice for many gamblers, which means the site has to adapt without losing quality. With the VegasHero WordPress iGaming theme you don’t have to worry, because it’s fully responsive and ready.

In addition to being responsive, there is more than enough banner space for pushing your affiliate casinos. Try the casino lobby demo and see what you think.

The Small Things that Matter with a Slots Game Theme

Moving to the smaller details now, you’ve got a grid based casino page, which is ideal for slot players and is also responsive. Then you also have the two review table options, also very friendly towards mobile devices. It’s got a 1-click demo installation option and the icons are vector, which mean they don’t pixelate.

The VegasHero WordPress Casino Plugin

The VegasHero WordPress theme can be used with a plugin, specifically created for the theme. With these two combined you have a powerhouse gambling site that is easy to run, and even easier to understand. Take note that the license for the theme and the license for the plugin are two separate entities.

What makes the WordPress Casino Plugin so Valuable?

It Saves Time

The most obvious benefit, or feature if you will, is the quick and easy game management. If you were to build a casino affiliate website with WordPress, then you’ll have to spend quite a lot of time sourcing your games, and finding the best ones. On top of that, you have to stay up to date with the latest demos. The plugin will do all the sourcing for you, and maintain all the latest updates. In other words, it saves you the time of finding the best and latest games, and it displays them in an intuitive grid form.

Quick Affiliate Linking with Games

Then there’s also the quick way in which you can add your affiliate link. This is done by simply adding a shortcode under the games, which is then used to trace your link. You won’t have to worry about clicks not registering where they should, if the shortcodes have been added.

Quick Installation

In terms of installation, you’re looking at a one-click setup. That’s right, making the plugin do most of the work for you requires the mere push of a button. The current range of games extends beyond 1600, although it’s always expanding. And the more games are added, the more you benefit.

Free Demo Games for User Engagement

Last but not least, now you have free games users can play on your site. This is will bring down your bounce rate and give you a boost with rankings.

Some Final Thoughts

Affiliate marketing isn’t what it used to be. As more people got involved, tactics evolved and competition is still getting worse. You want to have every possible edge you can get if you want to make your affiliate stamp on the internet world. The VegasHero theme and plugin is exactly the edge you’re looking for.