Top demo slots games that have stood the test of time

Top evergreen slots demo games

There is no doubt that slots are some of the most popular casino games. Despite their immense popularity, some slots games manage to stand the test of time and remain trendy while other slots fade into obscurity. So, what makes a good slots game stay evergreen? There are no longerRead More

Good Poker and Bingo WordPress themes?

poker & bingo wordpress themes

As of now, we don’t offer affiliate WordPress themes for the bingo and poker segments but we are thinking we might build some. We are in the process of some market research if it’s actually worth to get into these niches and we are looking around for inspiration. There haveRead More

HTML5 Slots – Everything You Need To Know

HTML5 slots - benefits of mobile friednly online slot games versus flash

As you’re reading this article there’s a debate brewing. And this debate surrounds HTML5 slot performance compared to those on the flash platform. Now, there are some valid points on both ends, and both have their strengths and weaknesses. But it can’t be ignored that HTML5 online slots are theRead More

What the Best WordPress Casino Affiliate Theme Should Be Capable Of?

casino wordpress theme

When you look at the successful casino WordPress themes, you’ll notice they have several things in common. Apart from letting you play the latest and most popular online gambling games, there are other things that tie them together. A quick example would be their initial “spectacular” home page, followed byRead More

NEVER promote an online casino affiliate program unless…


Early on my affiliate journey I made many mistakes. Got myself suspended from affiliate programs, got kicked out of PPC networks and wasted time and effort. I want to save you all that by sharing a couple of quick notes here. The road to becoming an affiliate – and more importantlyRead More

How the gambling industry use familiarity and anchoring?

Anchoring is key in marketing when it comes to connecting with your target audience. Most big brands will use something the prospect is familiar with and make a connection. But what can be a good anchor when it comes to the gaming industry? Gambling as we all know is aRead More