Sports Theme: Bookmakers (main) Page Settings

You can configure any page as your “main” bookmakers index page that lists all the bookmaker cards in a paginated grid. You need to set the page template of that page to “Bookmakers page template”. “Number of Review cards” – Set how many cards are displayed at once, if youRead More

Sports Theme: Bookmaker Post Settings

“Bookmaker CTA button text” – Set the label of your affiliate link button “Open Bookmaker affiliate link in new window” – Makes the Visit bookmaker CTA button, thumbnail and the link on the top of the review panel open in new window

Sports Theme: Color Settings

You can control the styling aspects of various theme parts of the theme. The individual color options are self-explanatory. If you have the specific item on your active screen on the right have side you can preview the changes as you pick a new color.

Sports Theme: Site Identity Settings

“Site Title” – Set your large font site title in text format Customize the color of this text via “Logo color” “Tagline” – Set your site tagline in text format Customize the color of this text via “Description color” “Upload Logo” – You can replace the text format site titleRead More

Sports Theme: Global Bookmaker / Game Post Settings

Here you can change the various aspects of the bookmaker and game posts. “Enable review stars in the sidebar” – Display the overall star review score above the main CTA button (when a bookmaker / game has a review). “Select a color style for the WP Review block” – SelectRead More

Casino Grid Shortcode

casino grid

We have just released VegasHero Casino Theme version 1.7.0 that includes some new functionality. You can add casino grid cards to a post, page or widget area simply by using the Casino Grid Shortcode. You can filter them by category and order via date, title, publish date or randomly. Here’s anRead More

WP Review panel compatibility notes

The VegasHero Casino and VegasHero Sportsbook themes are compatible with the free version of the popular WP Review plugin. There are a couple of limitations however that we need to mention that are custom to our theme functionality. There are as follows: Casino review posts – WP Review panel location:Read More